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SmartGuard360™ Surveillance Night Vision Camera

SmartGuard360™ Surveillance Night Vision Camera

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Experience Advanced Home Security with SmartGuard360™ - Elevate Your Surveillance Game Today! 🏠💡

Meet SmartGuard360™ 📷🌐: Revolutionizing Home Security. Advanced, Affordable, and Portable.

🔧 Drill-free. Wire-free. Effortless!

SmartGuard360™ installs seamlessly. Screw into E27 fixture, just like a bulb. Enjoy 360-degree coverage - discreet yet vigilant, all day, every day.

💰 Save big on installation! 

Save big on installation! Plug and play, no wires or batteries needed. Effortless convenience.

📽️ Effortless playback via SD card.

Access recordings from anywhere through the app, no SD card removal needed. No obligatory monthly cloud fees - SD card ensures secure storage. Upgrade with optional cloud subscription.

🏢📷 Ultimate Dorm Room Security Camera


Will it fit into my garage bulb base?

It fits a standard (E27) light bulb socket.

Does it have a light too?

Yes! It has 4 bright LEDs, which are bright enough to light up a dark spot.

Can I use it outdoors?

It is not waterproof but you can use it outdoors as long as it is protected from rain.

Is there a monthly Subscription?

Only if you need to store your content on the cloud. Otherwise, just store it on your SD card for no monthly charges.

Do I need to delete the footage once the card is full?

Once the memory is full, it will overwrite itself. So, there's no need to manually delete anything. The app provides cloud storage at an extra cost but it's not a must. You can still watch live if you don't have an SD card, you just won't be able to save it.

Does it need Wi-Fi?

Not necessarily, but you do need it if you want to access it remotely on your phone and receive alert notifications, like when you're not in the vicinity of the cam. Otherwise, you can use Hotspot as well.

What's the largest memory card it takes?

You can use a card up to 128GB.

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