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💀 Ghostface Scarecrow

💀 Ghostface Scarecrow

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This Halloween, the scarecrow's usual job of scaring animals has transformed. It's all about creating a spine-chilling atmosphere to give neighbors a good scare!

Halloween Scream ScareCrow
With the same scary mask from the classic film complete with the long black coat, this scarecrow will be the perfect Halloween addition for your front yard, back porch, or on the first step leading up the house.

Halloween Outdoor Decoration
Great for Halloween, place it on your porch or use it for your costume party to amplify the spooky atmosphere!

Durable Material

Made from durable, eco-friendly materials, this spooky hanging ghost is light and ideal for outdoor decoration. Its terrifying appearance is sure to scare birds, deer, and neighbors alike!

Easily Removable 

Our skeleton scarecrow is designed for easy disassembly. Connect each part by hand to create a Halloween Scream ScareCrow, and disassemble when not needed.

Ghostface ScarecrowOur skeleton scarecrow is fully disassemblable. Easily connect each part by hand to create a vivid Halloween Scream ScareCrow, and disassemble when not in use.

Eye-catching Size
A simple way to adorn your home or garden for Halloween. Both adults and children will relish these joyful Halloween party vibes with friends!

Like A Real Ghost

When it sways in the breeze, it soars like an actual ghost – remarkably vivid and attention-grabbing!


Material: Plastic + Cloth
Support bar length: 200 cm/78.7'' (split support rod)

Product Includes:
1 x Halloween Ghostface ScareCrow Set

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