My Secret Paint by Numbers Tips & Tricks

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Painting your paint by number kits is super fun and relaxing to do, but without the proper techniques, a to-be masterpiece can easily turn into a disaster.

Here are some tips you can apply right away to avoid disasters:

Start with the darkest color

This may not seem really important, but starting with the darkest color will allow you to see results faster.

Most of the time, we'll get frustrated for not seeing much progress over a long period of time.

Check the number on the canvas before painting

To avoid making many mistakes, match the number on the paints with the canvas before painting.

Having to paint on top of another color doesn't sound really good...

Never leave the paints opened for too long

If you left the lid open, paints can easily dry out and won't be useful anymore.

You should close the lid every time after using it.

Clean and moisturize your brushes

It is recommended to keep 2 cups of water every time you paint, one for moisturizing, and the other one to clean your paintbrushes.

First, put some paint on your brush, dip it a little in a cup, then paint!

After finishing the color, use another cup of water to clean the brushes and repeat the process!

Use an easel to paint

What's worse than looking down for a few hours straight?

Placing your canvas on the desk and paint isn't a really good idea because it can easily hurt your neck, which leads to huge posture problems!

A way to solve this is to use an easel to paint where you can easily paint without having to look down!

Finally... Make sure to have fun

It is important to follow these guidelines, but nothing is more important than enjoying painting!

This is a thing I always do, ordering both easy and hard paintings together so that I can switch to the easy one whenever I feel tired ;-)

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