How Paint by Numbers Changed My Life

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A lot of you may have heard of the word "painting by numbers for adults". This is just another way to paint, which doesn't require much painting skills.

Personal Story

Painting my numbers has helped me in so many aspects of my life.

Before I started painting, I've always felt really horrible about myself and everything around me.

Every day was dark and lonely, it's just complete sadness.

But... everything changed after I started painting by numbers

Below is a summary of how paint by numbers had helped me in these past 2 years:

Improves Mental Health

Working really hard for something and finally realizing that you're not making any progress hurts a lot.

But with paint by number kits, progress can easily be seen in just a short amount of time.

After finishing your paintings, you're going to feel accomplished and super proud of yourself!

This can easily motivate you to complete other daily life tasks!

Relieves Stress

It all happens once in a while where you're having a bad day. You don't feel like eating, cooking, cleaning, literally everything! 

But once you decided to continue your painting, all the negativities are all gone in just a few minutes.

Focus & concentration

Painting puts you in a state of mind that allows you to focus nearly 100% of your capability. That's the time that you can unleash all your creativity and energy towards painting!

Patience and tolerances

It is true that painting your paint by number kits are relaxing and fun, but it still requires a lot of time and effort to complete. 

Makes Art Accessible to Everyone

To be honest with you, I'm really bad at art and painting. I've never painted anything that can be called "a masterpiece".

But... everything changed after I started painting by numbers. It is so easy that even an amateur like me can easily create beautiful masterpieces!

A Fun Way to Pass Time

I've started painting by numbers for a few years now, and it really helps me when I'm bored and have nothing to do at home.

This can also be a great family activity together with your kids. I usually compete with my kids over who finishes the painting first ;-)


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